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Tulsa Community College Chatroom Tulsa, OK

Revitalization to enhance education

Beck Design, Professional Engineering Consultants and Builders Unlimited collaborated with Tulsa Community College to revitalize an existing student space known as the Southeast Chatroom. Because of a wall separating the Chatroom from the corridor, many students did not realize this space was open for their use. Tulsa Community College tasked our firm with creating an open and inviting student space that incorporated a collaborative environment as well as intimate study spaces. The result – a revitalized Southeast Chatroom that not only speaks to the campus’ charm, but also inspires those who wander within it. To help create the open space, the wall between the Chatroom and the corridor was removed and an elliptical ceiling element jets out into the corridor to catch the attention of student walking by. Once their attention is caught, soft swooping curves in the ceiling and the floor draw you into the space.

The outdoor plaza was expanded to engage the existing water feature in the center of campus. The plaza is visible from all buildings on campus while providing a viewing platform for movies to be projected on a building across the water feature. Floor patterns help to create a smooth transition from the interior to exterior spaces.

A concession area, catering kitchen and unisex bathroom serves both the Chatroom and adjacent auditorium. The flooring and ceiling design elements extend throughout the lower level of the building to create a seamless transition from the existing building to the newly renovated space. The space provides an open and collaborative environment that is flooded with natural light and is highly used by the students and faculty.