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Tulsa Community College Bookstore Tulsa, OK

Transforming the lives of students

The $1.1M project was more than a facelift and has transformed student-life and the student experience on campus in a positive way. Tulsa Community College’s focus was to create a space that would attract students for books and supplies as well as provide an area where they would want to gather. The design, a true collaboration with TCC staff, students and faculty, created a successful, functional and beautiful space. Beginning with a new entrance and an organic, modern rectangular arch entry, the remodel converted the space into an engaging and lively atmosphere. The space was designed to stimulate students through collaboration and student connections.

This remodel expanded clothing and merchandise options, which were more than doubled, through utilization of innovative displays and storage. The open and well-lit spaces create a self-serving environment where students can find needed items in the Campus Store with the comfortable, modern design extending into the public spaces where students can study and collaborate. The vibrant environment combines exciting colors incorporating the TCC blue in open areas, quiet study spaces, such as the art gallery, and lively areas for students and staff to utilize throughout the day.

The new campus store also features an interactive video game lounge where students can relax, watch TV or play video games in a comfortable and modern yet, funky seating area. Students can also order snacks and soft drinks in the lounge. Not only is the student experience enriched, but also the new campus store provides students more efficient services when buying books. The new floorplan allows employees to pull the appropriate books based on a student’s schedule or syllabi, removing any uncertainty regarding their book choice. This new model reduces the total transaction time by up to 60%, while exponentially increasing the accuracy rate. This equates to a lower wait time, and ensures that students receive the right materials the first time allowing more time for focus on studies.

The TCC Southeast Campus Store remodel, which combined research, student feedback and a collaborative effort, is an investment in the student experience that reflects TCC’s continued commitment to student success and academic excellence.