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Piedmont University Student Commons Demorset, GA

Piedmont University's Student Commons organically grows out of the sloping site, transitioning 15 feet from the upper to the lower level of the space. The interior atrium slices through the building in a curve that follows the natural slope of the site, creating the main circulation spine. The atrium becomes a major focal point that brings the natural light into all of the interior spaces. This infusion of natural light creates spaces that are bringing the outside into the building. This space is one that is highly utilized by students and faculty for meetings, study groups and collaboration.

The Student Commons has become a destination on Piedmont’s Demorest campus bringing the students together for rock climbing, group studies and athletic activities. This gem in the beautiful hills of Georgia houses a wide variety of student facilities. The 58,000 SF Commons includes the main dining hall with distributed serving stations, a banquet hall and a cyber café. The building also houses a modern fitness center, intramural gymnasium with walking track, racquetball court and a rock climbing wall. The Barnes & Noble Bookstore and Starbucks Cafe provide students with collaborative lounge spaces that are conducive to late-night gatherings and studies. The Commons never closes and has become a “student playhouse”. It has achieved the goal of keeping the students on campus. The bright energetic building obtains its sole energy from the students.