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Live 180 Oklahoma City, OK

Live 180 is where people will come to improve their quality of life following a catastrophic event, new diagnosis, or lifelong disability. Live 180 will allow people to embrace their difference of abilities directly; it will be a place of inclusion where people see their abilities. Live 180 will help individuals set goals and work to achieve them by providing the necessary adaptation to help them succeed. All Oklahomans should have the opportunity to strive for maximum quality of life regardless of physical or mental abilities. This is Live 180.

Live 180 will be a multi-dimensional health and wellness facility dedicated to improving the quality of life for Oklahomans with disabilities. Live 180 will provide Oklahomans and their families with health, fitness, medical therapies, and recreational programs. Multi-sport courts will include volleyball, basketball, pickleball, and tennis. The facility will also serve as a venue for adaptive sporting events.

Envision a state-of-the-art wellness facility where activities are completely accessible to individuals with disabilities.
• Wheelchair users
• Prosthetic device assisted
• Visually impaired
• Hearing impaired
• Intellectually impaired