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Oklahoma State University Remember the 4 Memorial Stillwater, OK

Remembering the legacy

On November 17, 2011, Kurt Budke, Miranda Serna, Paula Branstetter and Olin Branstetter departed from this life together. As coaches, parents, leaders and friends these four special individuals lived their lives as guides to those around them; luminaries that brightened the path for others.

This memorial represents these four exceptional people whose lives gave purpose and meaning to so many others. Four illuminated images gather and a perfect square is completed by the forms. Their glow lights the pathways. The square is the perfect geometric completion of four, which symbolizes the completion of four unique lives. An inward-looking space of quiet reflection is created, and monumental stone benches create seats alongside each of the four. In memoriam script is provided by their loved-ones and inscribed on each lighted panel. The lives touched by these four is the living testament to their good work. We hope this memorial is warm with the memory of the four and reflects their commitment to OSU and their fellow man.