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Oklahoma History Center Museum Oklahoma City, OK

The history behind a state

The Oklahoma History Center, located on 18 acres northeast of the Oklahoma Capitol building, houses the Oklahoma Historical Society, as well as, a museum, research and storage facilities and offices for state programs. The facility stands three stories tall and encompasses approximately 235,000 SF. The ground level houses offices, a research library, auditorium and gallery. The second level is a partial level that houses the administrative staff, as well as, another research library. The third level consists of more administrative offices, photo storage and two additional galleries. The exhibits will be extremely diverse, ranging from a replica of Wiley Post’s Winnie Mae to the Jon Zink Indy Racing Car to one of the largest exhibits on the USS Oklahoma. Photos, historic documents, period clothing, weapons, artifacts and other interpretive materials will make the new Oklahoma History Center a true “must-see” destination.