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Tulsa Opera Tulsa, OK

The Tulsa Opera is a long-established cultural institution that is loved by many in Tulsa.  Beck Design is happy to serve them as their architect to design their new facility to serve them well into the future.  The Opera’s new facility is designed to have a proscenium theatre with a 200-seat audience capacity.  The building will allow them to have a much wider range of performances and serve their operations in a greater capacity than ever before.  Tulsa Opera is a dynamic organization with a wealth of talent.  The architecture of the new facility looks to echo the energy that people of the Tulsa Opera bring to the city. A new lobby, surrounded with glass allows optimal views for patrons into the downtown area while at the same time, invites views into the building from outside.  The activity within the building becomes a showcase to those looking in.  The main theatre creates the primary exterior form of the building.  Its angular profiling and contrasting color create a grand street presence, as a strong actor might have strong stage presence.  It is meant to be a bold statement to proclaim Tulsa Opera’s importance to the city of Tulsa.

The building interiors are meant to continue the notion of dynamism, movement and presence.  There is a refined, sophisticated ambiance created by the combination of materials and forms that display a sense of movement.  A signature feature is created by the designed display of the Opera’s extensive record library.  The records are to be displayed on adjustable stainless steel rods along the main lobby wall with subtle lighting accents.  The Tulsa Opera will soon occupy a facility that is pairs much better with their talent and potential for the future of Tulsa.  Beck Design is proud to partner with them into that future.