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Owasso Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine Owasso, OK

Far from being a typical medical office building, the exterior forms and materials are derived from the unique desire to express sea life and oceanic themes. The most striking exterior element is a curved, tilted entry wall that is meant to mimic the form of a breaking wave. The curved wall slopes up as it interacts with the entrance canopy and reflects the shape of the Golden Section in plan – the overriding geometry found in natural patterns such as a nautilus shell. The face of the wall will be covered with iridescent metal panels that change color as the light shifts. The effect being one of oversized fish scales. Continuing the theme of sea life, the manufactured stone veneer that covers the majority of the structure is a material that imitates blocks of cut coral. Blocks of coral were often used in the construction of sugar plantations in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

An overall theme of oceanic life and South Pacific imagery will extend to the interior aesthetic of the clinic. Upon arrival, guests will encounter one of the largest privately-held aquariums in the nation and children will be exposed to a vast array of underwater life. The waiting room will feature discovery areas and plenty of natural light to present a pleasant and enriching environment to patients and parents alike. As patients proceed to their exam rooms, they will encounter unique ocean-themed artwork and wall sculptures and accent lighting creating more of a fun-themed adventure than a typical “visit to the doctor’s office”.