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Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Vinita, OK

The gateway to your travels

Beck Design was selected through a design competition that resulted in being challenged to reimagine one of the most unique and recognizable buildings in Oklahoma. The Glass House, which hovers above the Will Rogers Turnpike, has been a traveller’s landmark since it was originally built in 1957. Essentially a concrete bridge structure, the enclosure is completed by a parabolic arch that gives the former restaurant its signature look of modernist architecture. It has fallen into disrepair and OTA has wisely decided to invest in saving this very significant building.

The innovative approach for the new design has been to ensure that this character is preserved with new glass finishes, and amenities will serve the building into the future. When the renovation is complete, the building will provide nearly 30,000 SF of new restaurants, convenience stores and Oklahoma tourism exhibits. It will once again offer a cultural unique destination for the weary traveler.