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Oklahoma State University McKnight Center for the Performing Arts Stillwater, OK

A PAC for the community

Oklahoma State University (OSU) commissioned Beck Design to perform the programming, building assessments, planning, and design of the McKnight Center for the Performing Arts, a 74,000 square-foot, 1100 seat facility that supports a wide range of performances including orchestral, choral, theatre and opera. The process began with an intensive planning effort with faculty and to determine the needs of the OSU Department of Music, that resulted in a distinctive programming and design solution.

The PAC includes an intimate 200-seat recital hall with the finest acoustic treatments and features; practice rooms; classrooms; a media lab; and teaching studios. The building design incorporates cutting-edge audio and visual technologies on display architecturally, while respecting the existing campus aesthetic.

“The McKnight Performing Arts Center has been our moment to elevate Oklahoma State University to heights never before imagined, and collectively express our support for this transformative center. The Beck (Design) Team played an important role in designing this Center and assisting us in the process of fund-raising.” - Burns Hargis, President OSU