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Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Hardesty Leadership Center Tulsa, OK

The design of the Hardesty Leadership Center is a bold expression of the Girl Scouts' rich heritage. The iconic green sash forms the entry, creating a strong sense of arrival.

The Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma had outgrown their original building and considered expansion. After careful consideration, Girl Scouts and Beck Design jointly created a building that addressed current and future growth requirements with associated cost estimates. After careful review, a determination was made that they would design a building in a more central location and one that would express the Girl Scouts culture and symbolism.

It was the Girl Scouts Board and CEO Roberta Preston’s desire to create a building that expressed the past and future visions for girls, staff and leadership. The Girl Scout Cookie Boxes and their design inspired the interior colors and spaces. The entry of the building is framed by an organic modern design with the natural colors expressed in the wood-type tile and stones on the wall and floor. The flooring design featured on the first floor creates a pathway through the building leading you to the outdoor symbolic fire pit and bridge. Bridges play a major part of the organization – when a girl passes from one level of scouting to the next it is called "bridging".

A two-story Skylit circulation spine links the interior spaces together to create a cohesiveness of modern and organic, blending office and Girl Scouts’ use with outdoor modern finishes. The 30,000 SF two-story building is one that represents girls of the future. The Hardesty Leadership Center for the Girl Scouts, named for the Hardesty Family, expresses their support of the community and desire to give back to the people of Oklahoma.