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Center of Family Love Okarche, OK

The design of the Newfield Community Center for the Center of Family Love will take a holistic approach to improve the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. This new multipurpose building will feature a street space which will highlight retail spaces such as the floral design shop, the plant and bedding store, along with the opportunity to explore and hone new career skills which will engage them in a life-changing activity and elevate their quality of their life. The building will feature a 2-story atrium which will be a flexible space used for dining, athletic activities,  and large gatherings allowing space for people with physical challenges to come together. All spaces in the building will be fully compliant with “Universal Design Standards”. There will be a dedicated focus on safe accessible spaces, sustainable principles, and state of the art learning and creative spaces which will offer the clients and residents a place to be educated, share meals, and engage with art projects which will offer new activities which can improve their motor skills and create an opportunity to engage with other individuals. This new center will replace older facilities that have reached the end of their useful life cycle. The Newfield Community Center will also offer indoor /outdoor spaces to focus on outdoor activities such as sports, outdoor planting, and possible retail kiosks. The materials comprising the exterior and interior will blend inviting design aesthetics with durability and longevity that will surround their disabilities with an enlightening and embracing environment.


Ultimately, this new facility will allow the Center of Family Love to continue to nurture and grow the creativity and empowerment of their residents.