The Tulsa PAC will host a special town hall at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 17, to gather input from users and patrons of the facility about ways to improve the city's 41-year-old multitheater performance venue.

The town hall will be held in the PAC's Williams Theater, 110 E. Second St. Admission is free and the public is invited.

Mark Frie, PAC director, said the town hall is the first step in making use of the approximately $1 million the facility received as part of the Vision 2025 funding. 

The money is to be used to cover planning and design costs of a renovation and expansion of the Tulsa PAC. 

"The current renovations that are going on at the PAC, with the exception of the Liddy Doenges Theater are really more cosmetic," Frie said. These funds will go toward a long-range planning process to see what needs to be done to prepare the PAC for the next 40 years." 

Beck Design of Tulsa was selected to work with the Tulsa PAC on this feasibility study to determine the facility's immediate and long-term needs. 

We're going to be looking at eveyrthing from the back of the house to the front of the house," Frie said. 

The design focus could encompass enhancements to the lobby, theater seating, acoustics, restrooms, improvements to getting around the PAC and overall image enhancements," said Paula Beck, marketing director for Beck Design, in an email. "It is also intended to create a space that could support education outreach through programs such as Orbit Initiative, which is a current educational program that the Tulsa PAC has embraced."

"It's all about making this a world-class facility for the arts," Frie said.

The town hall will open with remarks by Frie, along with Don Beck and Casey Tarp of Beck Design. Attendees will then form breakout groups to discuss ideas further and ask questions. The evening will conclude with a recap of conversations from the breakout groups. 

James D. Watts Jr.